All About Ego Nwosu: Biography, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Age & Wiki - All About Ego Nwosu: Biography, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Age & Wiki -  

All About Ego Nwosu: Biography, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Age & Wiki

Everything You Need To Know About This Talented Nollywood Actor Ego Nwosu: Her Biography, Age, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Boyfriend, Married, Husband, Engaged, Date of Birth, Birthday, State of Origin, Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Height, Weight, Ethnicity, Tribe, Instagram, Photos, IG Pictures.


Biography, History, Profile of Ego Nwosu:
Who is Ego Nwosu? Ego Nwosu is her real full name “Ego” in English means “Money” is a budding gorgeous Nigerian Nollywood actress, model and social media influencer, who became popular after her intriguing lead role in the movie titled “To All The Broken Hearted”.


Ego Nwosu is an exceptionally beautiful and talented Nollywood actor currently a force to reckon in the Nollywood movie industry. She has been described by many as the most sought after actress in Nigeria, rated one of the fast rising Nollywood actor. Ego Nwosu is quite beautiful and currently a great character to watch out for in the movie industry.

She is very beautiful actress, gifted and highly talented in terms of interpretation of movies role, she can as well blend in any character being assigned to her by movie producers and movie directors in Nigeria.


Ego Nowsu Date Of Birth:
When was Ego Nwosu born? She was born on May 19, (year of birth unknown).
Ego Nwosu Age:
How old is Ego Nwosu? Ego Nwosu real age is not known as of the time of writing this post, but the beautiful screen diva should be in her late 20’s


Ego Nwosu Birthday:
Ego Nwosu is among the beautiful Nollywood actress born in the month of May. She celebrated her birthday on the 19th of May, 2021.


Ego Nwosu State of Origin:
Is Ego Nwosu from which state? Her state of origin is not known, but she originally hails from the south eastern states of Nigeria.
Height and Weight:
How tall is Ego Nwosu? Ego Nwosu has approximately stands at the height of 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs about 65kg


Ego Nwosu Boyfriend/Fiance:
Who is actress Ego Nwosu boyfriend? Ego Nwosu is reported to be in a relationship, but we can’t really tell who is her real boyfriend as she doesn’t flaunt him on Instagram.
Married, Husband, Engaged:
Is Ego Nwosu married? Ego Nwosu is unmarried and currently doesn’t have a husband either at the moment. She keeps everything about her engagement private.


Her Acting Career:
Ego Nwosu is an actress and model. She made her acting debut some years back. Since appearing in her first movie, she has remain relevant in the industry casting movie upon movies. She has starred in over 20 movies also been featured alongside A-list actors.


Ego Nwosu acted alongside Nollywood actors such as: Belinda Effah, Richard Mofe, Segun Arinze, Bimbo Akintola, Desmond Elliot, Gideon Okeke, Nse Ikpe Etim, among others.
Ego Nwosu has also been featured in a Nollywood movie such as: When Love Blinds, Stereo Heart, Dysfunction, Fine Wine, City Crime and so many others.


Instagram Page:
Ego Nwosu is Instagram handle is @Egonwosu
Her Net Worth:
Ego Nwosu is up coming actress, currently growing fast in the industry, with a net worth estimated to be around $150,000 US dollars.


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